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Alpine Pools provides top-quality maintenance for your pool, pumps, and filtration systems. We pride ourselves on fixing it right the first time.

Quality Pool Repair

Alpine Pools is Polaris certified and county health department certified. In addition to certification, we have 40 years of experience in the pool service industry.

Pool Cleaning

We offer an in-depth cleaning process for your pool. We check the chemical balance and add chemicals if necessary. Other services we provide include vacuuming, brushing, skimming, emptying pool sweep baskets and bags, and emptying the pool skimmer pump.  

Year-Round Pool Service

Alpine Pools offers year-round cleaning service. Having a routine cleaning schedule for your pool protects your investment and allows you to enjoy your pool when you want to.

Green Pool Cleanup

Is your pool green? Alpine Pools is an expert in turning your green pool into crystal-clear water. With an Alpine Pools plan, we can get you swimming again in no time.

Check and Maintain Filter Pressure

Have you noticed your water not flowing as fast as usual, or your pool cleaner running slower or not at all. It may be an issue with the pool filter. Alpine Pools will inspect all aspects of your filtration system in order restore your water flow.

Alpine Pools Certified And Licensed Pool Care

Sparkling Pool Service

Alpine Pools specializes in a number of services, including pool cleaning, pool maintenance, and pool repair. Let Alpine Pools take care of the pool for you so you can enjoy your pool at any time. By scheduling pool service, your overall time spent personally maintaining your pool is much lower. Keeping your pool maintained can be costly and time-consuming if not done properly. Alpine Pools cleaning services can save you that time and money.


Certified Repair Technician for Polaris Pool Products

We specialize in the Pentair filter and pump installation and repair

Year-Round Service

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